Prime Brokerage

Our pro-grade infrastructure and proprietary technology assist with trading, financing and product structuring needs

Block Trades

Leveraging our industrial-grade infrastructure, we support our clients in buying or selling crypto assets reliably and efficiently, while minimising market impact and execution costs:

  • 01Proprietary trading infrastructure
  • 02Best-in-class trading algorithms – TWAP / VWAP / PEG orders
  • 0324/7 quotes
  • 04Real-time market data
  • 05Connection to top liquidity venues worldwide
  • 06Minimum slippage
  • 07Bespoke, high-touch customer service through voice trading and messaging apps

Margin Financing

A one-stop financing solution to enable our partners to borrow against and lend their crypto assets:

  • 01Easy access to liquidity, large loan supply
  • 02Flexible tenures and competitive rates
  • 03Customisable loans and structured products for optimal portfolio management

Asset Management

We offer clients investment products with bespoke yield enhancement strategies and structured solutions:

  • 01Yield - Strangle, bull spread, bear spread, straddle
  • 02Hedging - Covered put, protective call
  • 03Dual currency deposit
  • 04Beta and smart beta investing


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