CyberX Labs spearheads the research, development and investments of the group, advancing crypto-finance innovation for the future Web3 economy

Research & Development

We invest in building technologies for the future, increasing the breadth and depth of innovation in the industry.

  • 01DeFi data analytics
  • 02Impermanent loss hedging products
  • 03Pro-grade algo tools
  • 04Portfolio & wallet management

The industry’s first crypto trading and portfolio management platform where users can:

  • Trade and monitor their assets and risk across different CEXs, DEXs, wallets, protocols, and blockchains on one platform
  • Utilise high-frequency trading (HFT) algos and smart settlement routing


CyberX is a multi-stage investor of synergistic companies and protocols.

We form strategic partnerships with our portfolio companies, providing our expertise, tactical advice, and network for the long term.

We enrich portfolio companies in several ways:

  • 01Market Making
  • 02Supporting OTC transactions
  • 03Product testing and review
  • 04Product structuring


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